Welcome to EasyAsEKG.com

by admin on May 12, 2013

welcome to easyasekg.com Welcome to easyasekg.com

Welcome to Easy As EKG.  This is an informative website that will help you learn how to read and interpret EKG’s.  In no way will this be a training that will make you an expert in reading EKG’s; but rather we just want to get your feet wet and introduce EKG interpretation for beginners.

I hope the information is informative and will help you get the basics down.  This is 100% FREE EKG training so enjoy the content and what we have to offer.  We have used as many images as possible to help in your EKG Education.  Some people are more visual than others, so we hope that through the use of these images, you will be able to digest the information faster.

(now the disclaimer)- The content on this website is for information only.  In no way are we providing medical advice, nor are we providing medical training.  There are college courses on EKG interpretation and if you are looking to get certified or as a profession I highly recommend you seek professional training.

Phew!  Not that we have that out of the way, browse through the website and take a look around.  I must say that the heart is an amazing organ, see how it works!  If you have any comments or suggestions please pass them along using the Contact form.


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